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LTE network in Belarus to start using 800MHz frequency range


According to BelTA the telecommunication infrastructure operator beCloud will start building cell towers operating in a new frequency range Ц 800MHz Ц in January 2020.

The 800MHz frequency range boasts a larger service area and is intended to expand the area where 4G signal is available in. The work to tap into the 800MHz frequency range will begin with the construction of cell towers in Gomel Oblast. BeCloud's partner will offer its own infrastructure for cell towers and a traffic network based on hybrid communications lines, radio relays, and fiber optic lines. The scheme of interaction has already been successfully tested by the partners before. At present beCloud's LTE network includes 1,996 cell towers operating in the 1,800MHz frequency range. Of them 934 ones use the additional 2,600MHz frequency range. BeCloud's LTE network is available in 198 populated localities and offers 4G services to 76% of Belarus' population.

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