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Baltic Challenge 2006 Diplom e-belarus.ORG is an independent think tank on ICT developments, e-government and e-democracy in Belarus. e-belarus.ORG conducts analysis, surveys and advise on trends and specific issues regarding government, political activism and technology. e-Belarus.org monitors political initiatives, specific IT-tenders and projects as well as new e-government trends in Belarus and other countries.

The mission to provide the basis for comparison, assessments and strategic advice in the sphere of digital media developments in Belarus within the framework of international context and policies.

Objectives are to cover digital media developments in Belarus from a tech, business and policy perspective Belarus in order to allow various stakeholders in the country and abroad to come to grips with the latest trends in the sector.

Goals :

  • to analyze ICT developments from the wide range of perspectives, including civil society, business and public sector;
  • to monitor and publicizes ICT developments in Belarus.

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