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Belarusian audience of websites of Russian TV channels
Mikhail Doroshevich
e-baltic.ORG / Baltic Internet Policy Initiative
March 2019

ePetitions in Belarus and Ukraine
Dmytro Khutkyy, Mikhail Doroshevich
e-baltic.ORG / Baltic Internet Policy Initiative
March 2018

Awareness and involvement in activities of civil society organizations Second Edition
e-baltic.ORG / Baltic Internet Policy Initiative
February 2018


Belarus News

Mobile app to guide travelers along M6 Minsk-Grodno motorway
According to BelTA a mobile app has been developed for the M6 Minsk-Grodno motorway.

Belarus calls for international regulations on fighting cybercrime
According to BelTA legal regulations in the sphere of counteracting cybercrime should be transnational.

Discussion about terms of 5G deployment in Belarus in progress
According to BelTA a working group is discussing terms of deployment of the 5G mobile communication technology in Belarus.

Export of Belarusian computer, telecommunication, information services 25% up in Q1 2019
According to BelTA the export of computer, telecommunication, and information services went up by 25% in Belarus in Q1 2019 said Deputy Communications and Informatization Minister Natalya Gordeyenko at a session of the ministry's board.

Lukashenko: IT sector should cater for economic needs
According to BelTA Belarus remains committed to its goal to turn into an IT country.

Plans to develop state civil engineering web portal in Belarus
According to BelTA a state web portal dedicated to civil engineering will be developed in Belarus.

Economic benefits of IT country policy in Belarus pointed out
According to BelTA the government policy aimed at building an IT country generates economic benefits for Belarus.

Lukashenko studies Belarus' knowhow at Hi-Tech Park
According to BelTA Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko studied an exposition of new solutions by leading resident companies of the Hi-Tech Park on 12 April

Lukashenko ready to assist Hi-Tech Park active participation in education
According to BelTA President of the Republic of Belarus are ready to assist a more active participation of the Hi-Tech Park in financing and developing educational activities in the country, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with representatives of the country's IT community on 12 April.

Opinion: Belarus is becoming an artificial intelligence hub in the region
According to BelTA Belarus is becoming a hub of artificial intelligence in Eastern Europe, Director of the Hi-Tech Park Administration Vsevolod Yanchevsky said as Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with representatives of the country's IT community on 12 April.

Belarusian crypto currency exchange to become fully operational in Q2 2019
According to BelTA the world's first crypto currency exchange developed in Belarus will become fully operational in Q2 2019.

Conditions in place for digital transformation of Belarusian economy
According to BelTA the international forum on information and communications technologies TIBO is designed to showcase cutting-edge digital technologies and will contribute to their broader adoption.

MTS Belarus plans 50% capacity increase on 4G network
According to TeleGeography Belarusian mobile network operator (MNO) MTS Belarus has revealed that, working in partnership with the country's national mobile infrastructure provider Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud), it plans to increase LTE network capacity by up to 50% by September 2019.

Plans to develop 5G technology in Belarus fleshed out
According to BelTA Belarusian Communications and Informatization Minister Konstantin Shulgan talked to reporters on 9 April about plans to develop the 5G cellular communications technology in the country.


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