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"It is important for CSOs not to turn into sects." Are Belarusians ready to take part in the activities of CSOs and civic initiatives?
Why is it better to engage eco-activists in the Belarusian countryside?
Baltic Internet Policy Initiative / The Office for European Expertise and Communications
December 2019

Belarusian audience of websites of Russian TV channels
Mikhail Doroshevich
e-baltic.ORG / Baltic Internet Policy Initiative
March 2019


Belarus News

Pompeo visits Belarus' Hi-Tech Park
According to BelTA I am inspired by what I saw at Belarus' Hi-Tech Park, U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo wrote on his Twitter account.

Belarus in Top 5 cheapest countries for broadband
According to BelTA research analysts and broadband price comparison experts at cable.co.uk posted their research on the cost of fixed-line broadband in 206 countries. Belarus ranks fifth in this survey.

Universal communications, informatization fund to be established in Belarus
According to BelTA a national fund for the universal communications and informatization services will be established in Belarus. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed decree No.13 for this purpose.

beCloud: 2,090 4G BTS deployed and 177 towns/cities covered at end-2019
According to TeleGeography Belarusian Cloud Technologies (beCloud), Belarus' designated 4G infrastructure provider, has published an update on its LTE rollout programme, noting that by the end of 2019 its network comprised 2,090 base stations, up 25% year-on-year, with 529 new base stations added during the course of the year, and a further 800 or so upgraded; its network utilises three bands, 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz. The infrastructure provider is tasked with providing a common network for the country's incumbents - MTS Belarus, A1 Belarus (formerly VELCOM) and Belarusian Telecommunications Network (BeST, life:)) - and highlighted that by 1 January 2020 its signal was live in 177 towns and cities, while the share of active users across the network increased by 46% and the annual total 4G subscribers traffic exceeded 280 petabytes. In particular, the company noted that last year it worked to strengthen its presence in the regions and in rural areas, given that fourth-generation mobile services are considered 'especially relevant for small towns' where mobile internet is the 'best and often the only way' to access the web.

Belarus information minister wants legal response to deepfakes
According to BelTA Belarusian Information Minister Aleksandr Karlyukevich suggested introducing legislation related to fakes and deepfakes as he took part in another meeting of the Expert Community project "Deepfakes: New Challenge to Information Security" in the BelTA press center on 15 January.

Government procurement in Belarus to more vigorously switch to online operations
According to BelTA more and more government procurement procedures in Belarus will go online. Work will continue to make the procedures more transparent, BelTA learned from First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Dmitry Krutoi after a government conference hosted by the head of state on 14 January.

Belarusian geoinformation website now online
According to BelTA a geoinformation website has been launched in Belarus to share remote Earth sensing data, BelTA learned from the Belarusian aerial phototopography for agricultural purposes enterprise BelPSKhAGI.

Belarus amends telecommunication laws
According to BelTA amendments to the telecommunication laws have been introduced by Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 881 as of 20 December.


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