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"It is important for CSOs not to turn into sects." Are Belarusians ready to take part in the activities of CSOs and civic initiatives?
Why is it better to engage eco-activists in the Belarusian countryside?
Baltic Internet Policy Initiative / The Office for European Expertise and Communications
December 2019

Belarusian audience of websites of Russian TV channels
Mikhail Doroshevich
e-baltic.ORG / Baltic Internet Policy Initiative
March 2019


Belarus News

New website BelTA+ goes online
According to BelTA the Belarusian Telegraph Agency BelTA launched a new project - the BelTA+ website (beltaplus.by) - on 19 March.

Operations and Analysis Center, beCloud busy creating national smart platform in Belarus
According to BelTA the Operations and Analysis Center under the Belarus President and the cloud computing provider beCloud are busy creating a national smart platform.

LAN upgrade in progress at two Belarusian border checkpoints
According to BelTA work to upgrade local area networks in the border checkpoints Bruzgi and Berestovitsa at the Belarusian-Polish border has begun.

Internet of Things (IoT) in Belarus
According to TeleGeography Mobile operator A1 Belarus has begun selling NB-IoT module equipment for developers of IoT solutions for businesses and consumers, with connectivity provided via a special 'NB-IoT Telemetry' tariff on favourable terms including a month's free service plus a free SIM chip instead of a standard SIM card.

Share of female workers in IT over 40% in Belarus
According to BelTA women outnumber men in the paid workforce in Belarus a bit. Women are also actively exploring such industries as IT and ICT, Belarus' Labor and Social Security Minister Irina Kostevich said in an interview with the ONT channel.

Belarus plans to implement smart city concept in ten cities in 2020
According to BelTA Belarus plans to implement the smart city concept in ten cities, Elena Shorr, the deputy head of the department for state-run ICT projects and procurement at the Belarusian Communications and Informatization Ministry, said at the forum "Smart sustainable cities: from concept to implementation" on 3 March.

Pilot project to deploy 5G technology in China-Belarus industrial park
According to BelTA a pilot project to develop 5G technology will be implemented in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone. The relevant agreement was signed by Belarusian First Deputy Communications and Informatization Minister Sergei Nesterovich, Director General of SZAO Industrial Park Development Company Yan Gang, and Head of the Industrial Park Administration Aleksandr Yaroshenko on 25 February.

Geostatistics website to disclose full data of latest population census in Belarus in 2021
According to BelTA a geostatistics website will go online in 2021 to offer all the data of the latest population census.

Belarus to launch new news TV channel
According to BelTA a new news TV channel will be launched in Belarus, Information Minister Aleksandr Karlyukevich told the media after the meeting of the Belarusian head of state with the country's biggest state-run media outlets on 11 February.

Lukashenko meets with state media chiefs
According to BelTA Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with heads of the country's biggest state-run media outlets on 11 February.

PM invites IT sector to focus more on Belarusian economy
According to BelTA the national IT sector needs to be more focused on the Belarusian economy and not the economy of other countries, Belarus' Prime Minister Sergei Rumas said as he attended the Council of Ministers' meeting to discuss the country's social and economic development on 11 February.

Belarus to launch TV audience measurement system by year end
According to BelTA a TV audience measurement system will start working in Belarus by the end of 2020, Belarus Information Minister Aleksandr Karlyukevich told journalists following a meeting between the Belarusian president and heads of the country's biggest state-run media outlets.


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