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Belarusian audience of websites of Russian TV channels

Mikhail Doroshevich According to a recent survey conducted by #DB3 research company in January 2019, the aggregated audience of 6 web sites of Russian television channels totals 474 thousand people (aged 15-74) using PCs to access internet. The 6 sites are: 1tv.ru, ren.tv, vesti.ru, ntv.ru, tnt-online.ru, russia.tv.

The six sites, with their aggregated audience, take the 21st place in Belarus in terms of coverage

 If we compare their audience with the news sections of Belarusian portals, then only the news sections of tut.by (1.14 million) and onliner.by have a larger audience. The aggregated audience of Russian television channels is larger than the audience of the news section of Mail.ru - 438 thousand and Yandex.by - 384 thousand people. The closest, audience-wise, Belarusian news resource kp.by has an audience of 302 thousand people.

Letís compare socio-demographic characteristics of aggregated Belarusian audience of these six sites and of the general Belarusian internet audience (again, aged 15-74 years, accessing internet via PCs).


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