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Belarusian Major Tax Payers Online

E-Belarus.ORG has recently conducted a survey of 164 Bealrusian major tax payers online presence. The 2006 list of major tax payers was drafted by Mises Research Center.

The survey revealed that 111 companies (68 %) listed as major tax payers have their own web sites, while 53 of them (32%) are not presented online.

Through traffic measurement, E-Belarus.ORG indicated 10 most visited web sites. The top ten list is headed by Velcom mobile operator followed by MTS mobile operator and Beltelecom.

  1. Velcom
  2. MTS
  3. Beltelecom"
  4. Atlant
  5. Milavitsa
  6. Belarusian Railways
  7. Pinskdrev
  8. Keramin
  9. Minsk Tractor Plant
  10. Naftan

OS Major Taxpayers 2006

67 (or 59%) major tax payers presented online use OS Linux software for their web sites, 25 (23%) - FreeBSD, 14 (13%) - Windows Server, and 5 (5%) - Unix. As for the web-sites server software, Apache is used for -94 sites ( 84%), Microsoft-IIS - 12 (11%), other - 5(5%). However, FOSS using is not the result of the strategy but the result of hosting owners' and specialists' choice.

OS Major Taxpayers 2006

E-Belarus.ORG mini survey showed that Belarusian major taxpayers' web sites are not updated regularly, and their interactivity leaves much to be desired. The major reason for that is lack of awareness that web sites could become powerful marketing tools. A comprehensive survey of Belarusian business online presence accompanied by a set of recommendations could contribute to promotion of business online practices.

Major Taxpayers 1H2006

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