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40% of Belarusian internet users are between 17-22 years old

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian internet users are comprised 94 per cent by Belarus residents, 3 per cent by Russian residents and 3 per cent by residents of other countries, according to TUT's second sociological survey.

Minsk internet users make up 62 per cent of Belarusian internet users, down from 66 per cent recorded this past spring. Regional centers make up 23 per cent of internet users, up 20 per cent from spring. Meanwhile, cities with over 10,000 inhabitants, claim 13 per cent of Belarus internet users, up from 11 per cent last spring.

The research also found that the most active internet visitors are between 17-22 years old, comprising 40 per cent of Belarusian internet users. 23-29 year olds, meanwhile, make up 28 per cent of users, while 30-39 year olds make up 15 per cent. The 16 year old and younger crowds make up only 8 per cent of Belarusian internet population. 40-49 year olds make up 6 per cent of internet users, while 50-59 and 60-over make up 2 and 1 per cent of Belarusian internet users respectively.

Students and young people, therefore, continue to make up two-thirds of internet users. Currently, however, about 3000 elderly people use e-mail, generally to correspond with their relatives abroad. The majority of users are men, at 75 per cent. 41 per cent of internet users have a higher education, while 28 per cent have an unfinished higher education.

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