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Government introduces web as a mass medium into Belarussian legislation

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


The Belarussian government has introduced the notion of the web as a mass medium into Belarussian legislation via the new law "On Press and Other Mass Media."

Article 1 of the draft law defines "web-based mass medium" as "a mass medium involved in collecting, storing, processing and distributing information materials through global information networks on a regular basis."

Article 33, meanwhile, which discusses the data contained on the internet, demands that every website must contain the names of the publication, founder(s) and chief editors. In addition, the law requires that the ordinal number of the issue and its issue date and time be disclosed, as well as the full address of the editorial office and the registration number.

This represents one of the first attempts by the Belarussian government to create a legislative framework for the internet in the country.

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