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Third of e-business centre's revenue comes from online ads

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


E-business center TUT.BY said online advertising revenue this year has averaged BYR3.5m-4m (E2,200-E2,500) per month, a typical amount for the average Belarusian advertising agency.

Press releases made up about 30 per cent of the total, advertising blocks on websites represented about 27 per cent, while ads in e-mail messages sent by TUT.BY represented 26 per cent of revenues. Banner ads took up about 10 per cent and Belarusian banner networks made up seven per cent.

TUT.BY said internet advertising revenue made up a third of its overall income. The rest came from web hosting and web design.

The portal is one of the most frequented Belarusian sites. More than 12,000 users visit it every day and more than 100,000 every month. TUT.BY said its traffic is growing by 20-25 per cent every month and it has 130,000 registered e-mail accounts.

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