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Belarusian satellite

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to Sergei Zolotoi, general director of Geoinformation Systems (Belarus) Belarusian satellite will be launched in the end of 2005. The operation capability of the satellite with the orbital period of 95 min. and with 510 km. orbit altitude will be 5 years. The weight of the satellite is 150-200 kg.

The satellite will be build up by Russian Rosavicosmos and optoelectronic parts will be produced in Belarus. The satellite will provide black and white photos with the resolution of 2,5m and four channeled colored photos with the resolution of 10m.

30% of information obtained through the satellite will be used for cartography, 20-25% - for agriculture, 10-15 %- in geology, 15% - for ecological purposes and 10% - for town-planning.

The satellite will be launched at the Baikonur space center together with other 5-6 satellites which make the project cheaper. The total cost of the project is USD 8-10 mln.

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