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Belarusian spell-checking for Microsoft Word

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


First Belarusian spell-checking programme for MS Word 2000 "Лiтара 1.0" (Litara 1.0) has been developed by Fedor Piskunov and professor Gennadi Tsichun from Minsk State Linguistic University.

"Лiтара 1.0" (Litara 1.0), the biggest electronic dictionary of Belarusian language in the world, includes 170 000 entries.

The programme contains 2 mln. wordforms in two variants of Belarusian spelling - official (modern) and traditional (classical) - and has an additional option of translating from the modern spelling to the classical one.

The programme is free of charge and available at pravapis.tut.by.

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Minsk State Linguistic University

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