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The number of Internet users in Belarus cities has increased by 7%

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


In April 2004 "MASMI-BY" agency conducted sociological survey of Internet users in Belarus (project Omnibus). 2000 city dwellers aged from 12 to 49 were interviewed within the framework of the project.

According to the survey internet users make 21% of city inhabitants aged from 12 to 49. 7% of them have a one year experience of Internet access, 8% have been using Internet for 1-2 years and 6% - not less than 3 years. That means that the number of Internet users within this fraction of Belarusian population has increased by 7% during the last year. The majority of respondents access Internet at their working places.

6% of respondents access Internet 5 days a week. 6% of respondents have been surfing WWW not less than one hour, 7% - from half an hour to an hour and 8% - less than half an hour.

People of 12 -17 and 18-34 are the most active Internet users, but 29 % of them answered that they "in fact do not use" Internet or use it for less than 30 minutes. Among 35-49 year old respondents 53 % "in fact do not use" Internet or use it for less than 30 minutes.

9% of respondents pay for internet access not more than USD10 per month, 8% have free access. 3% of respondents ordered purchases online.

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