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Alpha Radio launches Internet broadcasting

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Alpha Radio and Belarusian Internet portal TUT.BY have launched a new online project http://alpha.tut.by

At present there are 14 FM-radio stations in Minsk

Station Frequency
Minsk Radio 92,4 FM
Melodies of the century 96,2 FM
New radio 98,4 FM
Russian radio 98,9 FM
Radio Unistar 99,5 FM
Hit FM 100,4 FM
Pilot FM 101,2 FM
Radio Rocks 102,1 FM
Kultura (Culture) 102,9 FM
Radius FM 103,7 FM
Radio BA 104,6 FM
Autoradio 105,1 FM
First national channel 106,2 FM
Radio Mir 107,1 FM
Alpha Radio 107,9 FM

Belarusian FM market is valued at $1,5 mln- $2,5 mln yearly.

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