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Russian MTS is going to invest USD 25-30 into Belarusian mobile network extension

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Russian MTS, a co-founder of Mobile TeleSystems, Russian - Belarusian joint venture is planning to invest USD 25-30m by the end of the current year.

According to Vasili Sidorov, the president of Russian MTS, his company has already invested USD 131,5m into Mobile TeleSystems joint venture.

Andrei Rumiantsev, general director of the joint venture, predicts that by the end of 2005 the number of Mobile TeleSystems subscribers will total 2mln.

Mobile TeleSystems is planning to install 80 1800 MHz base stations, to increase number capacity up to 1,300,000 and to put into operation two switchboards in Minsk and in Vitebsk by the end of 2004. Switchboards in Gomel, Mogilev and Grodno will be put into operation in 2005.

Thus the total Mobile TeleSystems number capacity will come to 2m.

Mobile TeleSystems has already put into operation 3 switchboards with 1,15m numbers and more than 650 base stations. The number of Mobile TeleSystems subscribers totals 1mln which is two times more han in the beginning of he year. Mobile TeleSystems share at Belarusian market is 49% (which is 8% more than in the beginning of the year).

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