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Belarusian mobile operators extending their networks

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to data from Belarusian mobile operators MTS has now 1 mln. 214 thousand subscribers, which is 10,4 per cent more than in the start of December 2004. MTS has installed by now 700 base stations covering 52 per cent of the country's territory and has launched WAP services. This year the company is planni ng to install 500 more base stations.

Belarus Mobile Users 2004
Belarus Mobile Users 2004

Velcom currently has 1mln. 135 thousand subscribers, which is 7% per cent more than in the start of December 2004. Velcom network covers 50 per cent of the territory of the country. The company has installed 695 base stations (900- 1800 MHz frequency range).

According to onliner.by the number of BelCel (Trademark Diallog) has increased by 9 per cent since the beginning of December 2004 and totals now 85 thousand. BelCel network of 91 base stations covers 34 per cent of the territory of Belarus with 77 per cent of urban population.

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