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Belarusian ministry of transport and communications launches passenger traffic e-data base

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Mikhail Borovoj, Minister of transport and communications has announced that passenger traffic e-data base will be available at the Ministry's website after February 15, 2005

The data base comprises 13 electronic route charts (i.e. charts of 6 regions, of 6 regional centers and the city of Minsk chart). These e-charts will allow users to choose the most convenient routes, to check up prices, schedules and travel time.

Valeri Milenki, chief of the Ministry of transport motor transport department says that it is planned to make the data base available at the country's base stations by the end of 2005.

At present 5.494 passenger traffic routs are functioning in the country, among them 1.381- in the cities, 3.172- in suburbia, 812 - between cities and 129 international. 4.316 are run by the state and 1.200 - by private companies. Every day 3,75 mln. Passengers all over the country use 52 000 traffic routs.

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