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Gays and lesbians web-sites blocked in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


National operator Beltelecom owing outer Internet channels has blocked access to Russian gays and lesbians web-sites. The requests are blocked at BelPack (Beltelecom branch) network routers.

In October 2004, Belarusian National anti-pornography and violence commission took a decision that two Russian websites www.gaily.ru and www.qguis.ru contain obscene language and photos with "indications of pornography" and recommended to abstain from allowing access to this sites on the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Now Beltelecom has carried out the order of the Commission. This is the first time in Belarus when Beltelecom blocks internet sites by officially announced order. Before, when blocking websites (i.e. during 2001 and 2004 presidential elections) , Beltelecom used to refer to technical reasons: network overloading and etc.

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