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MTS: three years of operations in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian-Russian joint stock company providing mobile services MTS started its operations on June 27, 2002, having launched 20 base stations in Minsk.

After three years of operating MTS has 800 base stations in 130 cities and small towns of the country, covering major highways and frontier points.

MTS numbering capacity totals now 2,15 mln, numbers and will grow up to 2,9 mln. By the end of the year, informed MTS general director Andrei Rumiantsev at the press-conference held on June 27, 2005.

MTS has now 1,6 mln. Subscribers and shares 50,6% of mobile services market.

MTS general director says that MTS average profit per user (ARPU) in Belarus is $11,5 which includes incomes from roaming and internet work connections. The company spends $12,5 to attract every new user.

According to Andrei Rumiantsev and average MTS subscriber normally speaks 420 min per month. While in Russia that indicator is much lower - 140-180 min per month. This difference is due to lower prices, especially for intranetwork connections.

In 2003 MTS net profit totaled $45 mln, and in 2004 - 138,5 mln.

The company is planning to launch GPRS to commercial use in the beginning of 2006.

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