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Opposition Presidency Candidate Website Launched in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


In the situation of the growing pressure on the Belarusian independent media, democracy advocates are shifting their focus to online campaigns. The statement was made by Alexander Milinkevich, the opposition candidate, at the presentation of his website.

It was announced that milinkevich.org website will be mirrored at milinkevich.net, milinkevich2006.org, milin2006.com, milin2006.net, milin2006.org, milinkevic.com, milinkeviec.net, milinkevic.org. The English version of the website will be presented at elections2006.org

At present only Belarusian language websites are available, but by the end of November Russian and English versions is to be launched.

milinkevichu.net domain name will readdress visitors to the Milinkevich's official website. That is meant to be a kind of protection measure against some provocative actions from the part of Belarusian authorities.

The website developing process took about a month and a half. 6 volunteers have been engaged in the project

Useful links:

Alexander Milinkevich Official Site

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