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Belarusbank chooses SAP for banking

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to the agreement signed by Belarusbank and SAP, Belarusbank will use the "SAP For Banking" software platform. The new platform will replace the Decentralized Automated Banking System used by the Bank before.

The SAP system is an integrated and multifunctional tool providing centralized data processing and storage, real time monitoring of banking. Experts explain that introduction of the new system will result in

  • more effective operating procedures;

  • application of new services;

  • standardization of business processes.

Vladimir Novik, the chairman of Belarusbank board, stressed that "IT-tools are becoming the major element of the Bank's strategy. The leader o Belarusian banking business should set an example for other banks ".

Belarusbank is the oldest financial institution in Belarus. It was founded in 1922, and now the Bank has the biggest client network in the country, providing more that 100 banking services.

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