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Belarusian online advertising market volume will total USD1mln by the end of 2006

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to Yuri Zisser, the chairman of TUT.BY board of directors, Belarusian advertising market volume will will total USD1mln by the end of 2006 which is two times bigger than in 2005.

In his speech made at the "Business Internet" conference, which took place on October 5, 2006 Yuri Zisser stressed that this is a typical growth indicator for Belarusian advertising market. Still this rate of growth is smaller than in neighboring countries.

According to recent polls there are 33% of internet users in the country, and these figures are constantly growing. Yuri Zisser argues that this situation created favorable environment for advertisers.

The chairman of the board of directors of the largest Belarusian Internet portal predicts that Belarusian advertising market will grow at the expense of large foreign companies. He points that lack of interest to the Internet advertising on the part of state companies is one of the factors impeding Internet advertising market development in Belarus.

Yuri Zusser informed that there 20 000 web sites now in Belarusian sector of the Internet, including 2 500 enterprises' web sites, 1800 internet shops and catalogues (211 - home appliances, 124 - computers, 206 - construction materials, 167 - mobile phones), 239 media web sites, 542 web-design studios and 209 hosting providers.

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