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A new portal Belarus.by launched within the framework of Belarusian Informatization programme

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarus.by portal supported by Presidential administration and Belarusian Hi-Tech Park has been recently launched within the framework of Belarusian Informatization programme. Specialists from National Academy of Science and Belarusian higher educational institutions and governmental experts participated in the development of the portal.

According to the Vice-chairman of the Belarus.by Belarusian Hi-Tech Park administration Alexander Martinkevich, Belarus.by portal is to become a tool for creating positive image of Belarus at the international arena.

Belarus.by portal will become a gateway to other resources containing information on Belarus. The portal itself consists of the four major sections : about the country, tourist information, business in Belarus, education in Belarus. The website will provide information in five languages: Russian, English, Spanish, French and Arabic.

Belarus.by is the second coountry's portal of that kind. The first one, invest.belarus.by, has been launched earlier and provides information on investments in Belarus for foreign businessmen.

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