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Grodno internet community contributes to the New Year Eve celebrations at Grodno orphanage

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


In 24 December 2006, Grodno internet community launched a charitable campaign to raise funds for Grodno orphanage. Activists of three Grodno internet recourses - Grodno blog, Grodno city forum, rpc.grodno.net, and of the Grodno street racers club web site - contacted representatives of Grodno orphanage, other internet communities and representatives of the city business community. According to one of the activists, Sergei Chabotsko, more than 40 activists participated in the campaign. BLR 1,45 mln and goods for BLR 3mln were raised for 81 inmates of Grodno Children's Home.

Internet community bought equipment for Grodno orphanage aquarium, washing materials, stationery, plates and dishes, sleeping bags for summer camping trips, digital camera, bicycle, clothes. In addition, Grodno internet community invited Grodno orphanage inmates to a "sweet party" with fruit, cakes, ice cream and chocolate.

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