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Beltelecom put into operation 2000 km fiber-optic communication lines in 2006

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian national telco Beltelecom put into oeration 2000 km fiber-optic communication lines in 2006, including 900 km connection lines in agrogorodoks (small rural towns)

In 2006, the second STM-16 level junction was built in Latvian direction. The capacity of the junction is 2,5 Gbps. One more fiber optic channel in Russian direction was built. It is planned to mount equipment for spectrum compression -DWDM- by March 2007 for this channel. There are also plans to build the second junction to Lithuania.

As of November 2005, total length of fiber optic lines in Belarus was 12,5 thousand km.

Beltelecom, Belarusian national telecommunications operator and primary Internet provider was founded in June, 1995. At present Beltelecom renders 70 types of telecommunications services to its clients.

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