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Belarusian government creates universal service reserve fund

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian state universal service fund-in-trust is to be created according to the Decree signed by Belarusian President on February 20, 2007.

The fund is created to support telecommunication operators providing universal service.

Belarussian telecommunications operators will pay 1,5% of their profit to the universal service reserve fund.

According to Ivan Rak, the Vice-Minister of Communications and Informatization, the reserve fund is meant to become one more step to Beltelecom privatization.

On Electric Communication Law

Article 27. Universal servicing reserve

With the aim of provision of the access to the universal electric communication services the universal service reserve is to be established with its funds being exclusively directed to the capital investments connected with rendering of these services.

The order of formation and usage of the funds of the universal servicing reserve, as well as the amount of mandatory deductions are to be determined by the President of the Republic of Belarus.

At present, Beltelecom holds monopoly for international communications. The state company gets allocations from the state budget and, consequently, is able to set up preferential fees for some categories of clients.

Telecommunication operators will have access to the universal service fund on competitive bidding terms.

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