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Belarussian KGB uncovered eight websites promoting religious extrimism

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarussian KGB agents discovered eight webistes promoting radical religious extrimism during operation "Proxy" which was carried out from 15th of March to 15th of May.

Since 15th of March to 15th of May under the aegis of the organisation of the collective security pact within the bounds of internation operation "Proxy" a complex of measures was taken directed at fighting crimes in the sphere of informational technologies.

Terrorist organisations' Internet resources, their financial donors' websites and resources stirring up national and religious intolerance, as well as sites publishing information concerning manufacture and use of self-made explosives were first on the list. Accordingly, KGB found out about 8 such resources that were promoting religious extremism, and the activites of three websites outside of Belarus were stopped. Information about other three sites, used for publishing Taliban threats of terrorist acts in Belarus, is being checked by other CIS countries.

Other goals were pursued as well. In particular, activities of 280 internet resources with child pornography were stopped. 3 criminal cases were raised for creation and distribution of pornographic materials on the republic's territory.

A series of crimes dealing with electronic means of payment were discovered. 323 criminal cases were raised by the facts of illegal use of bank payment card requisites. Activities of 7 companies with signs of pseudoenterprenurship nature dealing with illegal money exports were stopped.

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