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Yandex in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Lidia Tretyakova, head of Yandex regional sales department, brought up Yandex statistics for Belarus while participating in the Context advertising seminar on 19th of June.

According to company's estimates, around 28,2% of Belarus population use Internet. Around 1,5 million Belarusians used Yandex's services in January, 2008. This year, this figure is 1,7 million. Around 359 thousands Belarusian users look through Yandex. Direct advertisment, 90 thousand of them exclusively use Yandex, and 322 thousand are visitors of advertisment network that includes Belarusian portals tut.by and open.by.

According to Yandex's data, context advertisment makes up around 10-15% of Belarusian e-advertisment market. Display advertising constitues over 60% and 25-30% are PR-news. As for 2008, Belarusian Internet advertising market totaled to 4,5-5 million USD, out of which 2,8 million USD made display advertising.

As predicted, display advertising market will grow up to 4 million USD by the end of 2009 and up to 6 million USD by the end of 2010.

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