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Beltelecom invests 125 million dollars into telecommunications development in 2009

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Beltelecom's investments will total 350 billion BLR (USD125 mln) in 2009.

In particular, Beltelecom prioritizes the following investment projects:

  • increasing local phone network capacity
  • increasing capacity of digital/intercity stations, transit nodes, connecting line ports
  • creation of optical communications lines
  • increasing port access capacity for Beltelecom network (including broadband access)
  • increasing the number of Wi-Fi access points
  • broadening of the data processing center network
State telco Beltelecom was created in 1995.

According to Ministry of Communications and Informatization order of July 7, 2004 N189 republican state enterprise "Beltelecom" became a unitary telecommunications company "Beltelecom". State companies "Minsk municipal phone network", "Intercity communications", "Minsk phone and telegraf station" which used to be parts of Beltelecom, were reorganised into Beltelecom's subsidiaries by joining.

Beltelecom is Belarus' telecommunications operator which owns telecom network on country's territory, a network of main optical communication lines connected with bordering states. Beltelecom also provides international and interstate traffic and terrestrial network of TV and radio channels.

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