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Belarus: Virtual Community Moves to Real World

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


According to the decision #22 of Department of Justice of Minsk City Executive Committee , a group created at the "VKontakte.ru" social network was registered under the name "Movement of the Future". The organization (movement) is included in the Integrated State Register of Judical Persons and Private Businesses under #194901252.

It is announced that "Movement of the Future" has over 100 thousand members. For the first time in Belarus, an Internet-community has gone outside the Internet boundaries, and became an ofline youth movement in a real world, having been registered by the Ministry of Justice.

"We are very happy to congratulate all of you on behalf of the Movement and express our deepest gratitude to all those who stayed with us and believed in us. We hope that our Movement will become a new platform for a civic dialog on a new level. Only together will we be able to build our future as we want to see it. Remember: together we are strong! There is no stopping future!" - Anton Skorina, the group's member, announced on it's messaging board.

Three main issues of the movement ideology:

-We are against the policy of foreign funding of political organizations, when the entire political activity is conducted at the expense of foreign means and grants. That is because a significant part of these grants serves to pay for the cars and restaurant bills of political leaders. We are against grants.

From here follows a second point of the "Movement for the Future" "ideological basis" - financial independence and domestic financial resources.

Thirdly, the movement is aimed at the creation of a platform for interaction of all political parties and social organisations of Belarus.

-We think that today, we have to react to all actions of country's political actors in proper time, to search for solutions of existing problems together. That's why we want to form a platform for interaction between different organisations, parties, movements, so that together we could find solutions to problems, - leader of the youth movement Vyacheslav Dianov said.

Ideally, representatives of the new movement are to participate in the elections of deputees for local councils. For now, smaller actions are carried out, like planting trees, giving out information leaflets, etc.

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