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New leader of the Belarusian Internet in November: Mail.Ru

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Starting from November, research of Belarusian Internet audience by gemiusAudience experienced significant changes: due to Mail.Ru being included in the results, project's reach increased from 32,5% in October to 45,8% in November 2009, and Mail.Ru has taken the top position in the rating.

Total monthly Belarusian userbase of Mail.Ru is 1,07 million people, which accounts for 35,5% of the country's Internet users. Average weekly audience is 690 thousands, or 23%. Mail.Ru also leads by average time users spend on the site (3h:51min), surpassing semeistvo.by (2h:09min) and loveplanet.ru (1h:58min).

Aside from the new leader appearing in the rating, total amount of participating sites increased from 78 to 93 in November, while online audience sample rised from 13800 to 16500 Internet users.

Constant audience of Belarusian Internet growth quickly from the moment the gemiusAudience began their research a year ago. It increased from 2,16 millions who access Internet at least once a month to 3 millions at the present moment.

Gemius Group is the largest online research agency in Europe. For over 10 years the company supplies dependable and precise data to the key players of European Internet markets, include the entire Central and Eastern Europe, CIS, Austria, Great Britain, Denmark, Israel and Turkey.

In Belarus, Gemius is represented since 2008 and carries out statistical and marketing research per order, as well as initiative projects like e-commerce market studies, users' relation to various e-advertisment and measuring the Bynet userbase.

Research of the on-line audience gemiusAudience is carried out by Gemius on European markets since 2002. In Belarus it started in 2009 and is realised via the Cookie Panel technology. Gemius uses FactumBel (Factum/RAIT Group) as a source of offline information.

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