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Yandex.by is launched for Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


"Yandex" launches it's in .by zone - yandex.by. There portal has two language versions - Russian and Belarussian - and offers localized services to it's users.

Each week, 1,2 million unique visitors from Belarus use Yandex services. During the last year, their number has increased more than twice. Yandex is visited by 600 thousands unique visitors every day.

The portal's main page is visited by 55,8% of the users, search function is used by 62,3%, mail and pictures - by 17% each. According to Liveinternet.ru data , Yandex's share of the Belarusian users is 33,6%. Each day Belarusian users make over a million Yandex requests (about 35 million requests in a month).

Yandex has indexed about 24 thousand sites in .by domain.

At present, 180 online stores are connected to Yandex.Market. There are 73 Belarusian mass media among Yandex.Novosty partners.

Over 1600 clients placed their advertisements in Yandex. Direct in 2009. The number of advertisers has grown more than twice - by 115% - during the year. Every day, Direct advertisements are seen by over 500 thousand users from Belarus, who click on 1,5 million advertisements every month. During 2009, the number of advertisements shown to Belarusian users has increased approximately by 35%.

A regional widget Yandex program is working in Belarus. Any Belarussian site can create it's informational block - widget - and offer it to Yandex users. Widgets are installed by approximately 10% of Belarusian users. 81 Belarusian widgets are in the Yandex catalogue at the present time.

Yandex has indexed 125 thousand Belarusian blogs. 18 thousands of them are active, i.e. they have been updated at least once in a quarter. The number of blogs in Belarusian internet increased by a third in a year (90 thousand blogs in the last year).

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