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Limitations of access to Internet resources will be introduced in Belarus

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


Belarusian Operational-Analytical center together with Ministry of Communications and Informatisation is preparing a document concerning specifications of limiting access to Internet resources. It was announced by by Olga Fedoreyeva, Head of the Electric Communications Office of the Information Technologies and Communications Ministry.

Acording to her, the first draft of the document has already been discussed. The document limits access to content forbidden by respective legal acts, government, educational establishments and some other subjects listed in decree ь60.

Natural persons, or users, will be able to use Internet access restriction services by making a request according to the contract with Internet services provider. "Consumer chooses information to which his access will be restricted while addressing the provider, - Olga Fedoreyeva, explained. - It can be a list of links or specified content".

Decree #60 "On the ways of improvement of national segment of Internet network" was signed by the president of the Republic of Belarus on the 1st of February 2010. The decree provides for the duty of state administration and state organisations to give information about their actions on official sites, maintain their effective functioning and systematical updates.

Internet-users will be able to freely receive information about state administration activities, post address, enquiry service phones, processing of citizens' and legal persons' enquires, administrative procedures being carried out, etc.

The decree also includes provisions on protection of copyright against Internet piracy. To provide safety for citizens, Internet providers will have to introduce identification of users' sets and store information on such devices and provided services.

The decree also regulates information access restriction according to Internet users' demand. For instance, provider must restrict user's set access to content spreading pornography, violence and cruelty and other actions forbidden by law.

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