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Lukashenko isn't going to create his personal blog

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


While answering Academy of Governance students' questions, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko said that he was not going to create his personal blog, and that the official website of the head of the state exists to inform people about his actions.

"I'm not thinking about my personal blog, and I'm not going to create it, since I simply have no need for it, - the president said. - As for showing how advanced I am... I don't want to make a show". Head of the state has stressed that his politics is based on sincerity and justice.

Alexander Lukashenko sees no need to create his personal blog. "I can't boast doing a lot of things not related to my presidential activities. There is not much personal outside of my job that isn't known to the masses, - the president said. - So do I need a blog if I have a president's site?"

The president added that he has no time to read blogs.

"I will state my point of view at the presidential site, not in blogs", - he said.

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