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Beltelecom: five years of development and strategy for 2011-2015

Author: Alexander Sokolov


Beltelecom's main strategy for 2006-2010 was to create strong internet infrastructure and provide modern communication services for all users on the territory of Belarus.

The company has nvested about 2,5 trillion Belarusian roubles into construction of optic fiber communications, local phone network modernisation, international stations and transit nodes, data transfer networks and other equipment.

Thanks to the active investment into new technologies and services, Beltelecom managed to connect 750 thousand users via byfly broadband Internet access (+350 thousand in 2010). The company successfully launched digital interactive television ZALA and now has 220 thousand customers (+160 thousand in 2010) . Along with the increase of the the data-transfer services userbase(byfly, ZALA), more users got connected to the fixed phone network. Beltelecom has installed over 680 thousand fixed phones (about 284,5 thousand in the countryside) for the last five years. This year, 148,2 thousand phones were installed (55,1 thousand in the countryside). At the end of the year, fixed phone userbase consisted of about 4 million 110 thousand users.

During five years the company has managed to increase the specific weight of income from data transfer services from 5,3% in 2006 to 21% in 2010 with 9% decrease in income from traditional voice services, typical of the market as a whole.

Development strategy up to the 2015 is directed towards completion of modern telecommunications infrastructure based on unified technical and organisational approach.

Beltelecom plans to make high-speed Internet access available to 1,5 million of Belarusians, and to give the opportunity to use digital interactive television ZALA to 850 thousand users.

External gate capacity will be increased to 200Gbit/s in accordance with increased usage of Internet access services by users and company's partners. Beltelecom will increase magistral networks to 100Gbit/s on Minsk-regional centers areas, and to 10Gbit/s in interzonal networks.

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