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45 thousand addresses regustered in .by domain name zone in 2011

Author: Mikhail Doroshevich


In 2010, President of Belarus' Operational-Analytical center announced tender technical administrator of the national domain zone .by.

"Nadezhnue Programmy" (Reliable Software Inc), a company that owns TUT.BY and hoster.by, won.

"We've spent this whole year transferring authorities from the active tech administrator - "Otkrutui Kontakt" (Open Contact) company - to us. But since there's no experience of transferring domain zone in Belarus, the process dragged on for a year" - Sergei Povalishev, hoster.by director, announced on December, 15.

He claims all required documents are already undergoing agreement procedures in ICANN.

Sergie Povalishev called a sign the fact that in 2011, .by domains became cheaper that international domains. "Domains this year got 4 times cheaper - they went from 43 to 11 dollars".

By his words, a stable growth of domain zone holds out regardless of crisis, even while 15-20% of domain owners choose not to extend the contract. This year 17 thousand .by domain names were registered (while only 13 thousand were registered in 2010) - and there are about 44 thousand domains in .by zone overall. By hoster.by's prognosis, there will be up to 60 thousand belarussian domains in 2012.

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