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Internet media market in Belarus keeps on growing


Annually media agency ZenithOptimedia Belarus estimates the online advertising market of the Republic of Belarus. The major Internet sales house leaders and experts were brought together on the 24th of January to analyze the results of 2012.

The last year volume of the Belarusian Internet media market has grown by 51% to $ 7.2 million, including VAT, in comparison with 2011. $ 6.55 million out of this amount was carried out on the sites, which were represented by the participants. This figure includes banners, text ads and special projects and does not include search and classified.

ZenithOptimedia Internet Ads in Belarus

Experts predict Belarusian Internet media market to continue growing in 2013 and reach the figure of $ 10 million by the end of the year.

The meeting has united the representatives from such companies as Onliner.by, RG Media, Web Expert, Video International-Minsk, Tut By Media, ZenithOptimedia Belarus.

Sales houses and web sites, presented at the meeting, sell advertising opportunities on the following resources: 360.by, abw.by, av.by, all.biz, deal.by, diva.by, elle.ru, goals.by, goppokrat.by, habrahabr.ru, itv.by, kinopoisk.ru, kosht.com, kp.by, lenta.ru, loveplanet.ru, mail.ru, mamba.ru, maximonline.ru, megogo.net, n1.by, odnoklassniki.ru , oede.by, onliner.by, open.by, pogoda.by, pressball.by, rambler.ru, rbc.ru, second.by, shop.by, tut.by, facebook.com, vkontakte.ru, vseti.by, wday.ru, yandex.by, youtube.com, the banner system źKrasnaya bannernaya╗ and others.

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