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Wargaming's triple-A plans for Atari IP; new studio opens


According to Develop Online World of Tanks outfit confirms IP acquisition, as new Austin studio is revealed

Free-to-play giant Wargaming will develop its newly acquired Atari IP into triple-A games, and has opened a brand new Austin studio.

At a press conference today in Minsk, Belarus Ц delivered as part of the studio's 15th anniversary celebration Ц Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi confirmed that his outfit has picked up the IP rights for Atari's Total Annihilation and Master of Weapon, and revealed plans to turn them into triple-A releases.

While the news of the IP acquisitions emerged in July through court documents, Wargaming has not confirmed the details, until today. Kislyi insisted that the sale was not absolutely assured until recent days.

"Definitely, whatever we do, and whatever games we make with those franchises, they will be big triple-A, massive titles with all of Wargaming's Power behind them," said Kislyi at the event.

Kislyi stated he has been keen to work on these titles from a time before Wargaming opened its doors in 1998.

Kislyi also reveal that Wargaming is to open its 16th studio in Austin, Texas.

The new operation will handle business intelligence such as databasing and traffic analysis, development of new and existing titles, and work on Wargaming's own technology. The latter role is the one Kislyi pitched as the most significant in terms of impact on the wider company.

Wargaming in 2008 acquired MMO engine provider BigWorld, but, said Victor on stage today, has since built so much on top of the solution across its many studios and games that the Austin team is charged on consolidating all of the technology into a single unified platform. The technology will remain propriety.

"We already have a great bunch of people working there undercover, and we will continue to build that team," said Kislyi of the Austin studio.

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