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Belarusian Railways introduces online tickets for all direct trains to Russia


According to BelTA Belarusian Railways has introduced online tickets for all direct trains to Russia.

Earlier the customers could use the online service to buy tickets for 17 pairs of Belarus-Russia trains. Now the service is available for 32 pairs, including trains No.26/25 Minsk-Moscow, No.28/27 Brest-Moscow, No.50/49 Brest-St. Petersburg, No.58/57 Grodno-St. Petersburg, No.64/63 Minsk-Novosibirsk, and No.66/65 Minsk-Murmansk.

The service will not be available for Belarus-Russia trains crossing the territory of a third country (for example, train No.302 Minsk-Adler going in transit through the territory of Ukraine).

Belarusian Railways assured that it will continue working on the improvement of the online ticket sales system. In particular, it is considering the introduction of online tickets for the trains from Belarus to Lithuania and Ukraine.

The press center informed that if a customer buys a ticket via the Internet, he can use the additional service of online registration available for all the trains operating within the Belarusian borders, for all direct trains from Belarus to Russia, and for the Minsk-Riga train service.

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