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Belarus to offer new mobile apps for tourists


According to BelTA new mobile applications for tourists will be developed in Belarus. Belarusian Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Shamko gave the relevant instruction at the session of the Ministrys board on 13 March.

Alexander Shamko pointed out that the demand for mobile applications is rising on the tourism market. A traveler, who arrives in an unknown country, can use the applications to find all the necessary places of interest, noted the Minister. As an example he mentioned mobile apps for fans during the Sochi Olympics.

Maxim Ryzhenkov, Aide for Physical Training, Sport, and Tourism Development of the Belarus President, suggested putting more efforts into promoting Belarus tourism opportunities on television. In his opinion, the TV channel Belarus 5 could offer targeted videos or stories.

Maxim Ryzhenkov also drew attention to the fact that soon it will be necessary to start the work on a government program to guide the development of the Belarusian tourism industry after 2015.

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