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Website for business development in Minsk goes online


According to BelTA a website is now online to present all kinds of information about the innovative development of Minsk and opportunities for implementing innovative projects. The project was presented before mass media at a roundtable session on 18 March.

The city’s innovation roadmap is located at www.inn-minsk.by and represents a unique Internet platform that delivers all kinds of information about the innovative development of Minsk and opportunities for implementing innovative projects in the city, said Vladimir Davidovich, Director of the company OOO Minsk City Technopark. The website also serves as kind of a guidebook illustrating the administrative procedures required to set up a legal person. The website offers contact data, up-to-date information about Minsk’s development, the city’s investment potential and its appeal for starting a business.

Visitors are invited to register to participate in a well-structured community made of Belarusian enterprises and researchers, associations of businessmen and government agencies, foundations and foreign companies. Their participation is expected to be able to form a regularly renewed database of all the possible participants of innovative activities in Minsk.

Deputy Chairwoman of the Minsk City Executive Committee Zhanna Birich said that Minsk’s innovation roadmap is part of the complex set up in the Belarusian capital to foster innovations. The map has been created by the Minsk innovation center that was established nearly a year ago as part of OOO Minsk City Technopark. The entire complex is designed to render systemic aid to small enterprises in Minsk as they implement innovative projects. The aid is manifested as preferences, favorable conditions for doing business in high-tech industry, consultations and other kinds of support for new innovation companies.

According to Zhanna Birich, the main task today is to create an effective system for experts to evaluate truly breakthrough projects, which are able to become the foundation for highly competitive enterprises that will make yet unseen products that will sell well. “We primarily cater to young progressively and creatively thinking individuals and we offer unique support instruments,” said the Deputy Chairwoman of the Minsk City Executive Committee. Approved by experts, innovative projects will get free funding from the city’s innovation fund.

The Minsk city technopark now comprises 30 resident enterprises specializing in optics and laser technologies, navigation and aircraft engineering, pharmaceutics, nanotechnologies, energy and resource saving, air purification, the production of medical equipment and rehabilitation equipment. Last year the technopark turned out nearly Br70 billion worth of innovative products, with export exceeding Br2.5 billion. The technopark’s founders are the Belarusian State University, the Belarusian Innovative Fund, and Minsk City Hall. The technopark also cooperates with associations of businessmen and employers, industrial enterprises, foundations and organizations specializing in supporting startups.

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