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Belarusian border queue to be electronic


According to TVR Belarus launches a system for booking border crossing via the Internet.

This was announced today by Leonid Maltsev chairman of the Border Committee of Belarus. At the same time the introduction of a new mechanism for border control is being refined.

The border should be transparent and comfortable to cross, but unsurpassable for criminals. This is an ideal format of a country's border. Therewith the fight against smuggling and violations should not be uncomfortable for tourists or businessmen. Experts believe this is what should be ensured by the control mechanism, which is currently being developed in the border department.

Leonid Maltsev, Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus:

"Our work with offenders should not interfere with passing by tens of thousands of citizens. We strive for this. Because, unfortunately, we often have to hold back thousands of people in order to prevent one person from crossing the border. This should not be the case".

The new system should also change the format of border crossing itself. Hopefully, after its introduction kilometer long caravans of trucks near border crossings will become thing of the past, because the queue will be on the Internet. And the border checkpoints will be equipped with terminals for waiting.

Leonid Maltsev, Chairman of the State Border Committee of Belarus:

"The so-called service areas will be created. And if somebody came without advance booking he will be waiting in the service area in good conditions. It will have been done by the end of this year already".

The checkpoints will become less crowded. The carriers will be the first to benefit from it. The costly truck downtime will no longer be part of lost profits.

Vasily Dementey, Head of Grodno regional customs:

"Carriers are interested in this. They see this as an incentive and order. And the absence of those long lines on the road itself".

The launch of the new electronic booking system will start with the border crossing Kozlovichi in the Brest region. Later the system will be introduced on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border: in Kamenniy Log and checkpoint Privalka.

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