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National education Internet portal to launch in Belarus today


According to TVR a presentation of a new online resource will be held in the Minsk region. According to Education Minister Sergei Maskevitch, it will be real social network for teachers, students and their parents.

September will mark the beginning of an academic year for a total of 2 million students and 104,000 first-graders.

Sergei Maskevich, Minister of Education of Belarus: "New educational institutions will appear in Grodno. Two new schools will be opened in Brest, four new educational institutions for nearly 3,000 pupils will launch in Minsk".

The new academic year will see an increase in teachers' salaries, especially for those with higher qualifications. An experiment on introducing a sectoral wage system will be held in the schools of Grodno, Gomel and the Baranovichi district. The professionalism of school teachers will be evaluated in the Teacher of the Year contest, with such new nominations as Best Mathematics Teacher, Best Chemistry Teacher and Best Elementary School Teacher.

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