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Belarus 3 and National Library launch joint project


According to TVR a roundtable discussion in the National Library of Belarus was attended by Belteleradiocompany Chairman Gennady Davydko, who spoke about a new collaboration between the Belarus 3 TV channel and the country's main library.

To date, the National Library of Belarus contains a collection of nearly 9 million books, among which are rare masterpieces never to be find on the Internet.

According to Elena Dolgopolova, First Deputy Director for User Service and Ideology at the National Library of Belarus, 90 percent of respondents throughout the country said they want to receive information for free, 24 hours a day without leaving home. Of course, it is impossible to digitize rare books; however, they may be televised on Belarus 3. The secrets stored on the library's farthest shelves will soon surface in the forthcoming joint project of Belteleradiocompany and the country's main book depository, Gennady Davydko says.

Another topic of the debate was readers' information literacy. Elena Tulupova, Head of the Information Service Department of the National Library of Belarus, claims that anyone interested in this topic may come to a class to get an overview of scientific Internet resources and learn how to ask questions properly, sort the information received on the Internet and assess its relevance.

A virtual guide to the National Library for all electronic devices is expected to be developed next year. It will be available for download at the library's electronic portal as well as via special QR codes that will appear on each floor of the building. The application will help the readers to orient themselves in the library space and deal with the algorithms of searching, ordering and obtaining necessary books.

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