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Telekom Austria advances in Belarus


According to Broadbandtvnews.com SPB TV and Telekom Austria-backed velcom have entered into a joint venture to launch a mobile TV service in Belarus.

The service, known as voka TV, will in its initial stages provide viewers with around 20 channels in two packages, along with a large VOD offer.

In due course, the number of channels will almost be doubled.

Although voka TV will initially be supported on Android devices, it is planned to also make it available on iOS and Windows Phone devices. Furthermore, it will become available on PCs, smart TVs and set-top boxes.

SPB TV is a leading developer of high-performance solutions for broadcast television and video on different screens.

Meanwhile, velcom is telco company based in Belarus. Launched in 199, it has been backed by Telekom Austria since 2007.

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