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Operation of another four online stores suspended in Belarus


According to BelTA the Trade Ministry of Belarus has suspended the work of another four online stores, Deputy Trade Minister of Belarus Irina Narkevich told reporters on 22 December

Today we have decided to suspend the work of another four online stores. These stores were not located on major Internet platforms. We detected them with the help of customers who called the hot line, the Deputy Trade Minister said.

The suspension was caused by the violation of trade and consumer protection laws by these online stores. These stores failed to meet the requirement to post prices only in Belarusian rubles, to provide complete information about the seller, the manufacturer and the importer, to inform customers about a possibility of e-payments, to provide the samples of the documents confirming the product sale. In line with Council of Ministers' Resolution No. 1207 as of 19 December 2014, this is treated as a gross violation of trade regulations and entails the suspension of the work of online stores. Irina Narkevich noted that these stores will be able to resume operation on 29 December provided they have fulfilled all the recommendations.

We are monitoring online stores, major Internet platforms every day and will keep doing it, the Deputy Trade Minister underlined.

On 20 December the Trade Ministry suspended the operation of 13 online stores.

"The Trade Ministry was glad that online trade has been making good progress in Belarus, however, our online stores have recently decided that they do not have to observe the moratorium on price rises and are above the laws of our country. It should not be like that, therefore we closed 13 online stores and issued warnings to three online platforms, Irina Narkevich said.

The closed online stores violated the laws on trade and protection of consumer rights, i.e. they did not comply with the requirement to post prices only in Belarusian rubles, to provide full information about the seller, manufacturer and importer and the details of the state registration of self-employed businessmen. The operation of online stores will be resumed on 24 December if they provide evidence proving that they fulfilled the instructions of the Trade Ministry.

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