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Belarusian telcos to pay 1.5% of revenue into MoCIís universal service fund


According to TeleGeography on 19 March President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus signed a new decree which requires all domestic telecoms operators to cede 1.5% of their annual revenues to a new state budget fund set up by the Ministry of Communications and Informatisation (MoCI) to help cover the provision of universal service in rural areas.

The details of the decree were published on the governmentís legal internet portal pravo.by, and funds collected will be used for the further development of communications services in Belarus. The new regime replaces the previous system (set up under Presidential Decree number 96 of 20 February 2007) which saw 1.5% of telcosí revenue targeted into a general state budgetary fund. Now, the monies will go directly to MoCI for dispersal.

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