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Trial population census in Belarus in 2017


According to BelTA a trial population census will be held in Belarus in 2017, Chairperson of the National Statistics Committee of Belarus Inna Medvedeva told journalists on 13 August.

Such censuses are generally conducted two years before the main population count. We have plans to conduct a trial population census in Autumn 2017 using our own resources. We will choose a region with, probably, one urban settlement and one village to test the census papers and the technologies that will be used during the main census, Inna Medvedeva explained.

In her words, Belarus has a well-run census system. However, the latest population count was carried out with the use of paper forms. All the countries are switching to tablets and online forms. Inna Medvedeva said that the National Statistics Committee conducted a sample survey of households to find out if they are ready to complete census questionnaires via the Internet. The results showed that only 16% of urban population and 9% of villagers are ready for an online population census. The percentage is very small. In this context, we suggest that census takers enter the data using tablet computers. The data will be immediately processed and transmitted directly to the website of the National Statistics Committee, Inna Medvedeva noted.

She pointed out that population censuses are the only source of data on the number of families, households, their composition and living conditions, gender and age structure, incomes, geographic distribution, and workforce distribution. This data is used during the whole period between two population counts to predict the size of the population and produce economic and demographic forecasts.

Census data is used in all economy sectors. Without it, it is impossible to predict budget expenditures on social programs and pensions. This data helps determine the number of hospitals, schools, and first-aid stations needed. Census data practically embraces all spheres of life and helps make management decisions as it provides information on the tiniest territorial units, Inna Medvedeva said.

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