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Partnership of Belarusian, Kazakh news agencies on CIS website platform under consideration


According to BelTA the 10th forum of creative and scientific intellectuals began in the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana on 22 October.

Belarusian Information Minister Lilia Ananich took part in the forum, BelTA has learned. In her words, the forum of creative and scientific intellectuals of the CIS states has given rise to a number of good projects. Participants of the forum are expected to discuss cooperation in museum and theater affairs, education, and information cooperation. Lilia Ananich said: Meeting only at forums is so little for us. We need as many information platforms as possible. The Belarusian Information Minister said that the Belarusian delegation had come to the forum with a proposal to unite efforts of the CIS states for the sake of filling with content the website Sozvuchiye (consonance) that has been created in Belarus for the sake of bringing together literatures of the CIS member states. According to Lilia Ananich, the website offers information about literature and prominent figures of Kazakhstan and other countries. The platform is already operational. It has grown larger. We would like the web portal Sozvuchiye to be a uniting Internet project of the CIS states, explained the Belarusian Information Minister. Lilia Ananich underlined that Internet space is a platform that requires little in the way of financial costs. If the interested parties show dedication, they can always create a good information platform for cooperation. The Sozvuchiye project is designed to develop humanitarian information space. We believe that everything going on in the CIS states, all kinds of projects and processes should be accumulated by the website. Including our national mass media. For instance, the news agencies BelTA and Kazinform could very well be partners of the website. We've brought this uniting project here. I think we will find support among the CIS states, said Lilia Ananich. The Information Minister also spoke briefly about Belarus-Kazakhstan bilateral cooperation. In her words, an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the area of printed media and information has been prepared for signing. The Belarusian Information Minister said in conclusion: Today we understand that nothing can replace real partnerships and projects. We say that a new level of integration requires adequate mass media articulation. If we talk about the national information space of Belarus and Kazakhstan, I would like to state and note that we have always worked in accord, in cooperation for the sake of enhancing our national potentials and hence for enhancing our common potential.


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