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Ananich: Belarus' information space will not be used to fuel tensions


According to BelTA the information space of Belarus will never be used as an arena for fueling tensions and destructive processes, Belarus' Information Minister Lilia Ananich said during the TV show Club of Editors broadcasted by Belarus One TV channel on 7 February.

We will do our best to prevent it from happening. The Internet has added more destructive features to the work of the journalists' community, the minister said. In her words, many resources are used today as a means to achieve political goals, someone's ambitions. In the present-day conditions we should combine our legislative, journalistic, professional and ethnic efforts, the minister stressed. Lilia Ananich also spoke about her recent meeting with Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Andrea Wiktorin. We discussed a number of matters related to the Internet space, the issues of legislative regulation. We spoke a common language. Andrea Wiktorin said that the combining of public and state interests is of high importance not only for Belarus today. It is of the same concern for the information space of other states: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, European countries. Lilia Ananich cited the words of the President of Belarus during his State of the Nation Address: Alexander Lukashenko noted that we cannot underestimate the increasing role of the mass media today. He spoke about the importance of protecting the society and the state against destructive manifestations, and this is what we are working on.

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