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Igor Lutsky: Internet will not completely replace newspapers, television


According to BelTA the Internet will not completely replace newspapers and television, Belarusian First Deputy Information Minister Igor Lutsky said ahead of the National Youth Internet Forum in Minsk on 4 April.

Time will show. Of course, there will be transformations. Still, I think they will not be as rapid as some expect, Igor Lutsky noted. He believes that as people grow older, their preferences change. When you are young you use mobile devices, but as you grow older it may become easier for you to read a newspaper or watch TV, Igor Lutsky added. Approximately 87% of Belarusians today use the Internet at least once a day. Igor Lutsky views the Internet not only as a database, but as a means of communication that significantly changes the way people live. Partaking in the National Youth Internet Forum are over 100 leaders of online youth communities of the BRSM Youth Union, beginner bloggers, and web journalists. The event is aimed at introducing the participants to the basics of information and communication technologies, web journalism, social media, blogging, and photography and also at exchanging experience. The forum has been organized by the BRSM Youth Union with the support of the Belarusian Communications and Information Technology Ministry, the Information Ministry, and the Belarusian telecommunications company Beltelecom.

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