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Velcom launches first smart IoT network in Belarus Society


According to BelTA the Belarusian mobile carrier velcom is launching the first narrowband network for the Internet of Things as part of the TIBO 2017 expo.

The new network is based on the advanced technology Narrow Band Internet of Things (NB IoT), which is completely new for Belarus. The network uses the 900 MHz frequency in 200 KHz bandwidth. The technology provides high penetration rate and network stability even in hard-to-reach places such as basements, lowlands, behind thick walls and concrete floors, and so on. Velcom plans to conduct testing of the new IoT network in the nearest future and start the commercial exploitation of the technology afterwards. NB IoT will offer great possibilities to users. For instance, the network can be used to control the quality, composition and level of water in water reservoirs online, see real-time information on available parking spots and so on. The technology will also enable users to remotely control energy and gas consumption, monitor company vehicles, regulate street lights, fountains, and other components of urban infrastructure.

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